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Working together, we can make Woolwich the best place to live, work, and play


A community where residents engage, grow, and thrive


Creating a better place to live through the preservation of culture and history, protection of farmland and waterways, and by supporting the people’s best interests

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I have seen Bonnie in action on a number of issues that involve local resident’s concerns and issues over the past number of years both as a private citizen, former Councillor and Executive member of Hopewell Creek Ratepayer’s Association.

Bonnie cares, listens, researches and then take action to address and resolve issues that matter to the residents. From my experience in interacting with Bonnie, she will work hard to earn your trust and deliver results!

Don Schwartzentruber, Maryhill

“I have worked with Bonnie for over 10 years.   First during her previous term as a Township Councillor and then under her leadership of the Township’s Heritage Committee which was created due to Bonnie’s endeavours to keep our heritage visible in the community for years to come.

Bonnie is very committed to ensuring that the Township focuses effectively on the needs of it’s residents and operates in a responsible and fiscally prudent manner.

I am very glad to see her willing to again serve the people of our Township  and wish her every success in this important endeavour.

Hans Pottkamper, West Montrose

I met Bonnie Bryant when I heard that the Village of Maryhill was being threatened by a proposed gravel pit on Shantz Station Road. Bonnie is a founding member of the Hopewell Creek Ratepayers Association. Over the last three extremely difficult years for Maryhill and everyone who cares about the integrity of the community, the provincially significant wetland and the productive farmland in jeopardy, I have watched as Bonnie has worked tirelessly for this community.  If it were not for the HCRA and Bonnie’s unceasing hard work, there would be shovels in the ground at the proposed pit site and the community would be inundated with gravel trucks. An important part of the Township’s natural heritage resources would be destroyed and farmland would disappear in a cloud of gravel dust.  Bonnie has worked day and night advocating for the protection of this community.  I cannot count the number of meetings Bonnie has attended, doors she has knocked on, and successful attempts she has made to raise money for the ongoing fight against the proposed pit.  She faced a public attack at the Committee of the Whole of Township Council by the councilor for the Maryhill area and she never backed down. In Bonnie, this community would have a strong, principled voice working for the Maryhill and Breslau area, but also for the whole of the Township of Woolwich. Bonnie knows the issues facing this community as it goes forward; she knows how to work hard; she knows how to study an issue and get to the heart of what is needed. Any community would be proud to say “We are represented by Bonnie Bryant!”

Susan Campbell, Hopewell Creek Ratepayers Association


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